Weekly Tech Rant: Episode 68

Episode 68: It’s time for a look back at the big stories and tech of 2021 and forward to 2022!

Welcome back to the WTR as Karl and I discuss the latest tech news, gadgets, games, & films!

We are available on Apple and Spotify Podcasts, Anchor and via all good podcast sources!

This week we covered:

  • Wrap up and look back at the year + gadgets/games we want?
  • Looking Back
    • Epic vs Apple…What a rollercoaster
    • TikTok Saga… Will it won’t it be sold
    • Global Semiconductor Shortages
    • Apple M1 Rollout
    • Nvidia 30 series, there out but are they really
    • Trump banned from social media, creates his own…sort of
    • Cyberpunk, Wreakfest, Horizon 5 & MSFS
  • Looking Forward
    • Intel Arc
    • Framework Laptop
    • Analogue Pocket
    • Matter… One smart home standard to rule them all
    • Starfield and all the other games we are looking forward to!

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